Strengthen the Bond

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Strengthen the Bond

Today’s blog centers around the founding mission of The Good Life Pup. It all started because I enjoy shopping for my dogs Rocky and Tess. During a phone call with the folks at Mobile Dog Gear, I articulated what would become the mission statement for The Good Life Pup. “I want to offer products that strengthen the bond between people and their dogs."

So how does an orthopedic pet bed bring you and your dog any closer? I can hear the nay-sayers in the back, “Dogs are happy with an old pillow!” Well, sure. Dogs appreciate anything we give them. Give them a stick and they’re instantly delighted. But the problem with that statement is the assumption that it is frivolous to buy nice things for your dog. The Good Life Pup is on a mission to change that mindset. Not only is it good to buy your dog nice things, it’s downright patriotic. Ha ha. Just kidding. (But we do offer stars and stripes collars, leashes, and neckties if that’s your thing).  

Our Relationships Go Deep

Our dogs provide us comfort, laughter, and love. Dogs give and give. They are loyal and trusting. They offer companionship...and...occasional obedience. They need us. And their needs go beyond food and shelter. Dogs have emotional needs. They’re pack animals. When I go upstairs, Rocky and Tess follow me. Heck, as I write this, Rocky and Tess are asleep, one on each side of me. As soon as I stand up, two sets of eyes will be closely watching my every move. They will be asking themselves, “Is she getting up? Is she getting more coffee? Is she going outside? Maybe she’s getting ready for a walk!” Our dogs’ emotional dependence is the basis of our deep connection. Taking walks with your dog strengthens your bond. Providing a nice pet bed is an act of protection, comforting their aging joints, and giving them a safe place to rest. If the cute bandana you tie on their collar makes YOU smile and give them extra hugs, it will make your dog happy too! 

Creativity and Joy 

Let’s face it, 2020 is stressful. If The Good Life Pup offers anything, it is a creative escape. Creativity doesn’t always mean painting a canvas or drawing with charcoal. Creativity is imagining something and making it happen. I often wonder, “How ADORABLE would Tess look in that ___?!?” (fill in the blank with literally every item in the store). We may not even realize it, but this form of visualization is a creative process. And it boosts your mood.  

Let’s try it. 

Take a deep, calming breath. In...and out… 

Visualize a sleeping puppy, with soft fur, sinking into the weight of a feather-top pet bed. The puppy wiggles a bit, just to get slightly more comfortable. The puppy lets out an exhausted sigh, curling up and burying her face into her fur. With each quiet breath she takes, her body rises up and gently eases down. Pure peace. 

Now imagine YOUR dog as their happiest, most peaceful, calm selves. Take the walk. Give them that attention. Enjoy the positive experiences you made happen. 

In summary, The Good Life Pup is here to bring joy. Think of it as a ripple effect. Share cute photos of your pup. Share your love for your awesome dog. The world needs your positivity now more than ever.

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