Top 5 Dog Coats

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Top 5 Dog Coats

As the temperatures drop, your dog’s coat provides more than good looks. Quality, craftsmanship, and good design work together to keep your pup warm and last for seasons to come. Here are the top 5 designs that The Good Life Pup has chosen to keep your pups strutting their stuff while staying toasty.



  1. The Alpine Dog Coat

    The Alpine Dog Coat is like a ski jacket for dogs. We bought the Black & White Plaid color for Rocky and the Raspberry Plaid one for Tess. 

Why we love it: this coat keeps their bellies a bit dryer and their bodies warm on walks. Often in the midwest, when the weather is cold, the roads and the grass are wet, which means the dogs get wet and dirty. These coats stay looking crisp and clean even when wet. 


  1. The Wubby Fleece ¼ Zip Pullover

    The Wubby Fleece is like a soft blanket your dog wears around town. So sweet and snuggly, it makes you want to pick them up and cuddle them. 

Why we love it: This is the perfect jacket for walks in colder weather when the roads are dry. I like to imagine sitting with my pup by the fire, nice and cozy at home, all Wubby in our Fleeces! (Maybe you also talk this way to your dogs. Maybe not.)


  1. The Alpine Puffer Coat

    This coat wins style points with 5 great colors and faux fur neck lining. It is designed to fit dogs from 3 pounds to 150 pounds and larger depending on chest size. 

Why we love it: Thick fleece next to the body instantly comforts your pup. Plus the coat is filled with warm fiber insulation. The Alpine Puffer is waterproof, so this is a great option for daily walks when it’s snowy or wet. 


  1. The Aspen Puffer Coat

    This is the Apre Ski jacket for dogs. Synthetic down insulation, soft Sherpa fleece lining, stretch belly panel for additional coverage and warmth. 

Why we love it: The little details like the faux leather zipper pulls and logo patch. It unzips to reveal a built in harness hole opening on the back, and has touch fasteners straps at neck and belly for a snug and adjustable fit

  1. Plaid Dog Coat & Matching Leash

    Who can resist a little pup dressed like a fashion model?  Take your pick from three different patterns to choose from. You’ll be impressed with the super soft fleece lining, and the touch fastener for the chest is designed to look like a belt. 

Why we love it: The matching leash comes with the coat, and attaches to the metal D ring on the back. Your dog will be a whole vibe!

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